Rapid Prototyping

As a senior user experience designer, here’s what I’m great at – translating business goals and requirements into high-fidelity prototypes that can be shown to clients/stakeholders/potential investors, tested by users, and handed over to a development team. I can do this for a whole website, a micro-site, a section of a site, a process (like a registration form), or an app (mobile or tablet).

Prototypes are great for:

  • Validating requirements and design ideas
  • Ensuring that everybody on your team (marketing, business, design, technology, etc.) is on the same page
  • Testing concepts out with users before you actually build anything

They can be created quickly and will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches later in the project.

Visit My Process for an in-depth look at my design process and examples of deliverables I’ve created over the years.

Making the complex simple

Here’s a quote from a usability test participant during a recent test of one of my prototypes:

“It couldn’t be more straightforward. Unless the system can read your mind.”

I take great pride in creating intuitive, “straightforward” designs. To achieve this, I will work very closely with you to understand what your business goals are and who your customers/users are (and what their goals are).

In addition to prototyping a design solution I can also:

  • Help you figure our your business requirements and user personas up front, and we can do some  low-fidelity sketching/wireframing to help with that process.
  • Conduct guerrilla usability testing (via Skype/phone or on UserTesting.com) on your websites or apps to identify sticking points and areas of opportunity.
  • Work with your visual designer to polish up the prototype and produce final graphic assets (like layered Photoshop files) for development. I’m a pretty good visual designer in my own right, but I wouldn’t recommend me for a flashy consumer site (like Vogue magazine!), my visual design style is very clean and practical and is best suited for task-based web applications.
  • Work with your technical team (or help you find the right developers) to identify design constraints and ensure that what I’m designing can be built within your timeframe and budget. I’ll also consult with them to make sure the final specs I deliver to them are exactly what they need to build the website/app.
  • Work with your copywriter (or recommend a content strategist) to help you write your content. I have a BA in English and 20+ years of experience writing for the web, so I’ll get you off to a good start during the prototyping phase.

Want to chat about your project?

I would love to help you with your project. I’m located just outside of Denver, CO, and I consult with clients all over the U.S. via phone, email, Skype, Google Hangouts, and the occasional in-person trip. Contact me at lisamurnan@gmail.com.